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OriginalBrand helps with good strategies and good design. We create new or develop and reposition existing brands and visual identities. Be it a company, city, country, startups or even a person, we're here for you.


OriginalDsgn helps with new design solutions, involving multidisciplinary experts. We believe that only thoughtful design can change the world and our lives for the better.


OriginalAdvertising helps our clients and their brands grow their business. We use our creativity seriously in solving your communication or business problems. 


OriginalLab helps creating new products, services or ideas that can improve business of companies, or help our society in general in developing better life solutions.

We are a creative agency for your company or your brands. We work with a flexible team of the best international and domestic creative and strategic minds. Our work is always unique as our clients, their brands and their problems are unique. We do whatever it takes to make a brand or a company successful. It can be outdoor campaign, digital campaign, viral movie, print ad, TV ad, web page, event, radio ad, packaging, visual identity, brand identity … or something else. No client is too large or too small for us. We are used to handling complex projects and our work feels comfortable in any country or region it has been created for (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia, …). 

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